Here are some answers to the questions we tend to be asked the most often:

1. Is that real traffic?
Our service is absolutely committed to making sure that not only is the traffic you purchase with us 100% legitimate, but that it has to also been generated using the specifics of your particular search criteria.

2. What sort of targeting criteria can I use to generate traffice results that are actually capable of helping me?
We make it possible for your purchase of website hits to be specific to a certain part of the world (you can also purchase worldwide results), and a particular field of interest.

3. What are some good examples of how I can benefit from buying real website visitors?
Do you have some big product launches coming up? Is there anything on the horizon that’s going to be extremely time-specific? Either of these scenarious can make buying website traffic through our service ideal.

4. Which is better: Worldwide targeting or country targeting?
The truth of the matter is that this question is impossible to answer. One of these is not always going to inherently be superior to the other. Choosing worldwide or country targeting will depend on what’s going to work best for your specific interests. Try to think about the audience you’re trying to reach.

5. Where do your sources come from?
We pull our hits and impressions from thousands of websites that cover just about everything you could ever imagine finding online. We build our traffic network around social networking, search engines, service providers, and so much more.

6. Are there any sites you won’t work with?
If your site features porn (unless requesting adult traffic), illegal activities, sound or video with audio upon landing, popup windows during load or exit, automatic installation of softare or trojans, we will not be able to help.